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question about joycons & PS 4/5

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  • question about joycons & PS 4/5

    hi reWASD,

    first & foremost, I'd like to thank you all again for your hard work on developing this software. I have been enjoying my games ever since full gyro support came out.

    my questions are related to joycons & Playstation 4 & 5.

    I have a strong Bluetooth adapter in my PC which works great when I use it on PC; however, when I use my joycons on my PS4 via External Device, there is huge input delay both on my analog buttons/sticks and gyro. looking it up, I found that the PS4 uses Bluetooth 2.1 which is very old, and I would understand all the delay if this is the root cause of it. PS5 supposedly uses Bluetooth 5.1 which is the same version as my card on PC.

    my questions are: is the input delay caused by the old PS4 Bluetooth version and would it be alleviated if I used my joycons on PS5 instead? I actually don't have a PS5 yet and can't test this myself, but I have been thinking about making the jump if this will fix the problem.

    thanks again as always for your insight and wonderful product!

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    Hello there!

    The external device feature for our virtual gamepads depend the most on the Bluetooth adapter that you use as an external controller.
    In this case, the device (Bluetooth adapter) you use for emulating the virtual controller, effects on it the most.

    Sometimes, input delay can feel the same, it may not matter which version of Bluetooth your device uses. Distance from the external device (adapter) to the console is crucial, and I am afraid, there is nothing else left except moving the Bluetooth adapter closer to the PS4 console.

    Regarding the PS5, our software cannot emulate the DualSense controller, as a result, on a PS5 you can play only the PS4-compatible games.


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      thanks so much, wookie!


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        You are very welcome