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possible to make a specific window active using rewasd?

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  • possible to make a specific window active using rewasd?


    I'm interested in using rewasd to help with PowerPoint presentations and wanted to see if a problem I have is possible to solve with rewasd. The two software I use are OBS (software to help livestream media to YouTube) and PowerPoint. The situation I have is that when I'm in OBS I sometime want to switch over to PowerPoint, advance a slide, and then switch back to OBS.

    What I would like rewasd to do is the following:
    • Starting point is that I have OBS as the active window and then I want to click a button on my keyboard to run a rewasd script
    • that script would make PowerPoint the active window, hit the right arrow key to advance a slide, and then make OBS the active window again.
    • Ideally it would do this without me losing my mouse cursor position.
    Is what I'm asking for possible? The thing I'm not sure if rewasd can do is to make a specific application the active window.

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    Hi. reWASD cannot make a certain window active at program level. You can create a macro in the combo editor where you can set the keyboard actions you want (for example: alt+tab+right arrow key+alt+tab).
    That is the key combination will switch between the last windows, but will not select a particular application. In this case the cursor position will not be changed.
    More about the combo feature can be found in this article.


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      You can pin the app you want to open to the windows Taskbar and then you can use the windows key+the corresponding number of the pinned app to launch the app so you can use rewasd to launch a certain app that way