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Desktop notifications with reWASD remappings disabled?

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  • Desktop notifications with reWASD remappings disabled?


    Is there any way to enable the desktop notifications when you have the reWASD remappings disabled?

    The reason I ask for this is because I just want to have the low battery level warning of my XBOX Series X controller (the default config) without the need to convert it to an X360 controller.

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    Hi. At the moment, Overlay notifications only work when remap is enabled. But in any case, thank you for the suggestion. We will take it into account.


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      Hello javsp !

      There is a small misunderstanding, actually, our overlay with battery notifications is shown always, no matter if you have the applied config or not. Also, it is not related to the virtual controller — all notifications work with any config, just in your case, you do not need it at all.

      Also sidenote: if you are using Series X (which has trigger motors) and you need to create a virtual controller, then in your case, it is better to use Xbox One option, it will help you get benefits out of trigger vibration if you are playing a game that uses it.