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Simultaneous button press in key combo doesn't work properly

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  • Simultaneous button press in key combo doesn't work properly

    I set up a key combo, when I press w on my keyboard it should press j+k+l at the exact same time (it's for a fighting game). When I try it ingame, the buttons are not pressed at the same time. J almost always comes up before k+l or k+l comes before j, it's very rare to get all 3 pressed down at the same time. Is there any settings I should try? The way I set up the key combo is when I press w, j+k+l gets pressed down and after 20ms pause they release.

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    Hey there! Which mode have you tried in the Combo Editor? I think, in your case, you will need Hold until release, and it will let you hold three buttons at once when you press a single one.

    Still, Execute at once may also work, but you definitely need to re-arrange the keys (so the presses (arrow down) come first and the releases (arrow up) come after and set Delay between keys to zero:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	c558ea02df.png Views:	0 Size:	86.1 KB ID:	226546

    Please try one or both tips to see how it works for you.


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      Thank you very much for the quick help! Setting the delay between keys to 0 fixed it.


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        Yay, great! Thanks for letting me know.