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Transfer one gamepad profile to another

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  • Transfer one gamepad profile to another


    I was just considering buying the Elite 2, but i was wondering if, coming from the 360 controller and now having quite of few rewasd profiles on it, it was easy to transfer my profiles from one gamepad version to another? Since it's not exactly the same controller with the same buttons, maybe there are issues. But the elite 2 still has the exact same buttons than the 360 so, in that way, i hope the transition would be seamless.

    Thank you.

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    Hello there. The config is not being applied to some particular controller, moreover, you can apply the same config to all the devices, as by the default, you can add the settings for each device: controller, mouse, keyboard.

    So the answer will be:
    You can feel free to use the same config on another controller, there will be no issues. Moreover, you can use the same config on multiple devices at the same time!


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      Nice, thanks!


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        You are very welcome. Should you have any questions, please feel free to update this topic