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reWASD not working in browsers :(

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  • reWASD not working in browsers :(

    I'm trying to use reWASD to emulate an XBox One Controller with my mouse & keyboard. Basically I want to play XCloud Games in my browser. I'm using the script from
    The remapping is obviously active because it is working in several games, but not in Chrome or Edge browser. No key stroke / mouse click is recognized. I've read in this forum that some programs must be fully closed and restarted for Rewasd to work but I think I did that correctly.
    Is there any other thing I could try?

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    According to numerous reports from our customers, the virtual controller works for XCloud in browsers. Please try to re-launch the browser after you applied a config. So, first, you need to apply a config. And only then you should open your browser, connect to XCloud and open the game you want to play.


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      Yeah, I tried it again today. After really really closing Chrome (and all its background processes) and restarting it, I was able to play XCloud with mouse & keyboard Thanks!