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    This is my first topic and I do not know if this topic is already created. I ve been searching for this but have not found anything yet. I would like to connect my wireless mouse Logitech g pro in order to play with the virtual controller on fortnite. Its working when I connect the mouse but when it's wireless it does not work.

    Can anyone help me out?


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    Hey there!

    reWASD works with wireless mice too. There are a few things you should re-check if something goes wrong:

    1. If you have both, mouse and keyboard, connected wirelessly, then it may be a chance that both are recognized as a single device. In this case, you need to initialize this device as a mouse and then add keyboard mappings to the list of "Additional mouse buttons" (here it is).

    2. Most likely, you should not use virtual devices created by Logitech, you need to find the physical device that corresponds to your mouse.

    3. It may be a chance that the device initialization is not completed correctly. Please follow these steps:
    1. Ungroup the Keyboard and Mouse, so all the devices are shown separately in the bottom left corner of the main window.
    2. Use Detection mode to find the correct Keyboard and Mouse. If you press the mouse button but see keyboard in reWASD, then you will need to re-initialize it (from the context menu of an active device)
    3. After you are sure about all the devices, please group Mouse and Keyboard and try to Apply your config and test it in joy.cpl or in a game