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Is it a big bug? Disgusting incorrect combo!

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  • Is it a big bug? Disgusting incorrect combo!

    Hi everyone. First of all I want to talk with technical support because it seems like the program can not work.

    I used the left analog stick to trigger simple combo (forward down back square) by moving stick to the left.
    And it work perfect until one thing… When I press any button before this trigger it is going wrong. For example I press triangle and immediately move left stick to the left. What happened?
    Mortal Kombat 11 have ingame input showing on the screen in training mode. And I see this: triangle forward down up up down up forward back up up back back up square square. Combo breaks by the program. It is not even combo, it is a simple special move program can not launch correctly.
    It is not funny guys. What should I do?
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    Depending on a type of combo, the key thing is what input you use, stick or d-pad for the movements. In case you use the stick, there is a chance that it is not in its greatest form, so you get random moves to another sides. We can suggest increasing the deadzone in such case and see if the same issue happens.
    The same issue should not happen if you use the d-pad for the character movements in-game.

    Also, mapping the key combo to the stick is not the best idea as it may be interrupted, or it may be activated several times, as the stick moves.

    We suggest adding it on some digital button.


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      Originally Posted by wookiepediologist View Post
      Depending on a type of combo, the key thing is what input you use, stick or d-pad for the movements.
      First of all I unmapped native sticks. Moving left stick to the left triggers the [combo] with d-pad buttons. D-pad used for movements in the game. I have two DualShock 4, new and old. Same issue.
      Should I try to hide the physical gamepad in Preferences? I do not know what type of gamepad is in reWASD now.


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        What I meant in my previous message is that the combo mapped to a stick will make the combo work along with the stick itself. So the stick moves along with the key combo movements.
        Try mapping the same combo to any other button, so it is one-click only, and see how it will be reproduced.
        Hide physical gamepad when the virtual is created is required as well, so you don't get 2 types of inputs at the same time (physical gamepad and virtual gamepad created by reWASD).