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reWASD stuck checking the license

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  • reWASD stuck checking the license

    My rewasd gets stuck checking the license and never finishes even when left for hours, if i hit close the application closes and when i try to launch it again it launches and crashes a second after. any fixes to this?

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    Please, check the Windows Security → App&browser control → Potentially unwanted app blocking option and turn it off. Also, may I ask you to follow these steps:

    — please go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc and open the file hosts via notepad. Please take a screenshot of the file.
    — open the command line and type ping to know if our server is pinging by your PC.


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      Did this get resolved, and if so, what was the solution? I'm having the same issue, it launches fine after the first installation, but relaunching afterward produces checking the license with no end.
      - Potentially unwanted app blocking is off
      - I can send a screenshot of hosts, presumably that should be done privately
      - Ping receives a response


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        For hosts file it would be enough to check and delete lines containing [] or [].

        "Constant license check" might be due to:
        • some type of security software blocking communication between reWASD app and service;
        • a firewall or something else (like a mentioned line in hosts file) is blocking Internet access to reWASD app and/or service;
        • reWASD service not running at the moment (most likely due to crash).
        Temporarily disabling firewall/security software and/or removing the lines from hosts file should help with first two. But for third one we would need you to check if our service (Game Controller Mapping Service) is running:
        1. Type "Services" in Windows Start menu and press [Enter].
        2. Find [Game Controller Mapping Service] and see if it is running. If it is not - try to right-click and [Start] it.
        If service was unable to start, look for crash logs from Windows Event Viewer:
        1. Press Windows button, type "Event Viewer", press [Enter].
        2. Choose [Windows Logs] in the upper left corner, then choose [Application].
        3. Check out the panel on the right side: there's a [Find] option. Click it, and type "reWASD" to search for related errors.
        4. Once you find one or multiple events, please right-click them, and choose [Save selected events...], and send the resulting file(s) to us.