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Need help fine tuning a config for splitgate aim assist

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  • Need help fine tuning a config for splitgate aim assist

    Here's my config link with my ingame settings in the description:
    Download Splitgate Xbox controls to remap gamepad on PC. Splitgate key bindings are the custom config to map controller to keyboard.

    I'm wondering if having 0 acceleration is a bad idea. As well as max dead-zones. It feels okay, but I want to try to make it so I can do smaller aim adjustments, because at farther distances its difficult.

    The only other config I saw was this one:
    Download SplitGate Xbox controls to remap gamepad on PC. SplitGate key bindings are the custom config to map controller to keyboard.

    The response curve is similar, with higher sensitivity's. but for some reason the low on the deflection is at 100 which makes me turn suuuper slow even at max in game sensitivity, not sure what his in game settings would be to prevent this.

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    Unfortunately, we do not do fine-tune or custom configurations. All the more likely the settings that will be comfortable for one person, may be inconvenient for another. (With what you actually faced when you downloaded the config of another user of the community)

    Setting the physical mouse as a right stick is a very individual thing and also depends on the interaction with the in-game settings.
    Based on the fact that you uploaded your own config to the community, you obviously have an understanding of how Advanced Mouse settings work.
    Nevertheless, we recommend that you watch this video to see how the settings work and what in-game settings you should pay attention to.

    Hopefully this will help you achieve the most comfortable aiming experience possible.


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      Thanks for the quick reply, I understand. So I have a very basic understanding of deadzone and controller settings, so would you be able to answer the acceleration question? Because my instinct is that aim accel is bad coming from a mouse and muscle memory perspective. If I'm able to turn as fast as I want does that mean I don't need any acceleration or is that making my config worse?


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        If you are talking about the Acceleration parameter in Virtual Controller settings in reWASD, then this parameter does not affect the behavior of your right stick mapped to the mouse.
        It only affects digital mappings (WASD on the keyboard, for example)
        The same goes for the Initial Speed parameter.

        I recommend that you read more about Virtual Controller settings and Advanced Mouse settings.
        I understand that this kind of aiming is not like aiming with a regular mouse, and that's normal because the stick works differently than the mouse. That's why finding a good setting for a virtual right stick, that mapped to a physical mouse, is really a challenge.


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          Ah, no i mean that I have 0 acceleration in my splitgate game settings. But I'll read up on these articles, thanks!