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  • New to ReWASD - Configuration Help Required

    Good Day,

    I have downloaded the 14 day trial of ReWASD. I have plugged my Xbox Series Elite 2 controller into my gaming laptop and I want to set “LT” on my controller to “Right Mouse Click” as if I was using a mouse.

    I do not use mouse & keyboard, I am a controller user. I need to use “LT” as my aim down sight button (as per normal) in Call of Duty: Warzone but I also want it to act as the Right Mouse Click as well (so basically 2 functions for LT).

    I tried doing this and then tested it in game but for some reason it doesn’t work. Can someone kindly guide me through the steps on how to do it (I am really sorry but I’m not very experienced with reconfiguring/mapping or any kind of messing around with things like this if I’m honest!)

    Thank you for your time in advance.

    Big Dosser (Tyson Fury fan!)

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    As far as I know, there is only one input method available in Warzone: kb&m or controller.
    If you want to play with controller, but emulate keyboard + mouse, then you need to set keyboard and mouse mappings on all gamepad buttons you need, and in the game itself, in Options → General → Input Device select input method - kb&m. Then the game will think that you play with keyboard and mouse.

    Going back to your setup: I'm not quite sure what 2 functions, LT should have. If you want it to do both native (LT) and right-click functions, it probably won't work, because the game only accepts one input method (which is exactly what I described above).
    If I got you wrong - correct me, I will be glad to help you.
    You also can look for the config you need for Wazrone in the relevant part of our community.