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how to hide Rewasd from task manager?

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  • 1ncorrect
    We do not welcome cheating, moreover, we do not recommend using our app in competitive tournaments, especially if it is forbidden by the tournament rules.
    As it is mandatory for our app to be running in background, unfortunately, we cannot match your request.

    We can suggest attempting to use our virtual external controller, but we are not sure if that is a legal option or not. Still, you can try it at your own risk.

    Thank you for the understanding.

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  • onimx266
    started a topic how to hide Rewasd from task manager?

    how to hide Rewasd from task manager?

    I just want to hide it from moss64 app. which is used in any competitive tournament ...
    moss64 takes admin privilege to take screenshot of a supported game (apex legend) in every few minutes and takes a log of which apps are running in background during gaming in a txt file.the screenshots it takes appear to fine as it takes a ss of controller ui, but I want to hide it from moss detected process list as well please implement this in coming future updates and suggest me how do I do that now.