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Fallback config after autodetect?

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  • 1ncorrect
    Autodetect feature works so that when the selected application (in your case Chrome) goes out of focus (or you close it) remap is completely turning off.

    This happens because [Remove applied config from slot on exit from the associated app] is checked by default in Preferences → Tray Agent.
    If this checkbox is unchecked, then after the Associated app goes out of focus, the config will remain in the selected slot and will not turn off.

    If you want to keep remap on, it won't turn off. But if you want it to switch to another config (say, to config A in slot 1) you will either have to set Autodetect to this config for processes you need, or switch to this config manually by using Slots and shortcut for this.

    You can read more about how Autodetect works in this article.
    All information about the Slots feature can be found here.

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  • Giodude
    started a topic Fallback config after autodetect?

    Fallback config after autodetect?

    Hi, so i have 2 main slots right now. 1 of them i use in-game which basically just has a shift modifier to let me open things like the steam menu and move the mouse while holding the xbox button. Slot 2 autodetects when im in chrome and changes the controller to mouse mode. The issue is, once i close chrome the controller doesnt go back to slot 1, it just stops all configs altogether. Is there a way i can have it fallback on a config if no detected program is open? Thanks!