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ReWasd wth Parsec config question.

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  • ReWasd wth Parsec config question.

    I'm pretty sure I know the answer, but I thought I'd ask the group to make sure I'm not overlooking something.
    My setup is:
    Laptop (windows 10)/Parsec Client, rewasd + Xbox One Elite Series 2 Gamepad.
    (Parsec) Host is my Gaming Rig, running windows 10, nothing special.
    This works fine, I can assign actions to my paddle buttons within Rewasd on my client laptop and then they are properly sent to my gaming rig when I'm playing.

    What I'm wondering is if I can switch so that Rewasd is running on my gaming rig/host pc and do the remapping there. Currently when I try rewasd only sees an xbox 360 controller, so obviously my paddle buttons are lost. .
    I understand this isn't necessarily a rewasd issue but I thought I'd just ask in case someone sees this that is familiar with both products.

    The main reason is that I'm wanting to switch from running rewasd on my laptop client is because I want to switch to a tablet for a client and there is no product like rewasd for tablets.

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    Hey there!

    This topic has been already risen here, but unfortunately, there is nothing we could do. reWASD sees the device that is reported to the system by Parsec, and it reports your controller as an ordinary one, without paddles as it is a pretty difficult task to emulate an actual Xbox Elite. You may try adding special combos to the paddles on the main machine, and then send this input (as Xbox 360 controller) to Parsec as a workaround.


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      Thanks for the quick reply! I figured as much, I get it's not a ReWASD issue.
      I'll give that suggestion a try, I hadn't thought of that before.