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Help binding a combination of mouse buttons to ps4 controller

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  • Help binding a combination of mouse buttons to ps4 controller

    Hi everyone!
    There's a MMORPG I want to play with my ps4 controller, so I tried to use ReWASD to bind every controller button to the corresponding keyboard/mouse button in order to make the commands work properly. Almost everything went smooth so far, but there's only one thing I coulnd't manage to do. I'll explain myself better:
    In most MMORPGs you gotta press the right button of the mouse in order to rotate the view, ergo binding the [mouse-up], [mouse-down] ecc. to the R-stick of the controller is not enough to actually make the view rotate, as in this way the only thing the R-stick does is to move the cursor of the mouse in all directions on the desktop :p
    I was trying to find out if there's a way which let the cursor actually right click and then move up, down, right and left by just moving the R-stick on the controller.
    Thanks in advantage to every person who will reply!

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    You can assign the right mouse button to R3 and set Toggle to it. Then you can switch between cursor and camera control by pressing this button.

    Or you can add a button to the stick zones as an alternative.


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      Thank you so much!!


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        You are welcome


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          Actually, I tried as you said and it seemed to work (almost perfectly?), there was only one thing that didn’t work: while using, the R-stick (correctly binded to the right mouse button + movements), it seemed kinda jerky in-game. I mean, the change of view is absolutely not smooth and most of the times the camera just does whatever it wants😳 Are there some options I should check to improve its performance?


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            First, specify which of the suggested settings do you use? (RMB mapped to R3 with toggle, or did you map the RMB press to the stick deflection zone?)

            I personally tested this behavior in a familiar MMORPG when RMB is mapped to R3 + toggle, and I can say that even with the default reWASD settings, I get pretty smooth emulation.

            As for tuning possibilities of virtual mouse settings, you can read this article which describes some parameters in Advanced stick settings.
            And you can also adjust the [Mouse sensitivity], from the [Virtual input devices settings] tab, which directly affects the sensitivity of the emulated mouse.
            Moreover, if your MMORPG has an option to adjust in-game mouse settings, they can also influence the final result.

            If the movements are quite chaotic, as you describe, then it would be great if you could send us your config as file and record a short video of what happens in your game.
            To find your config file, just right-click on the config name in the left upper corner of reWASD and click on "Open file location".

            Click image for larger version  Name:	bd8b2a1481.jpg Views:	105 Size:	35.1 KB ID:	227288


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              Hi! I mapped the RMB press to the stick deflection zone. I cannot use the toggle function as I'm running the 14 day free trial version, but I tried to emulate that behaviour too by manually toggling a button which worked as "camera lock". The result was still the same so I don't think there's much difference between the two things, even tho the toggle one seems more easy to use in general.
              However, here's the video and the configuration file:

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                Hey there!

                The issue you are having is connected to the zone shapes. Right now, you have three separate mappings on all three zones, and so, when you deflect the stick you get continuous click-release each time you switch from one zone to another one. There should be a single zone, like I have here:

                Click image for larger version

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                I am attaching your config with this edition. Hope it will help.
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