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Steam Controller and Gyroscope?

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  • Steam Controller and Gyroscope?

    It was with great pleasure that I came across reWASD today. Possibly this can fulfill what I have long wished from the Steam Controller, but Valve never implemented: use all 3 axes of the gyroscope simultaneously. Is this possible with reWASD?

    I have seen that the Steam Controller is supported, and that gyros are supported. Only unfortunately, the Steam Controller is not mentioned among the supported gyros. Is the description not updated yet or does this really not work (yet)?

    What about the supported controllers with gyros? Can all three axes be mapped at the same time, or only two as in Steam? Three axes would be great for space games or flight simulators!

    Thanks for any insights

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    reWASD can work with only two axises at the time. You can select the second one at [Preferences > Gamepads].

    Gyro of Steam controller is supported.


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      reWASD works with all 3 axises simultaneously. Third axis is LEAN.


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        Well isn't that great.


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          Unfortunately this is identical to Steam Input and is probably not what OP was asking about. This allows for 2 analog axes and 1 digital one which is terrible for flying vehicles as all 6 really need to be analog.


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            Hmm. Lean axis should work in analog mode.


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              Sorry, I totally missed the answers until now! Thanks a lot everyone. This sounds very promising. If the lean axis really works in analog mode, it would be wonderful to use it for rolling. I will have to test this.


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                Will be waiting for your feedback