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PSNow is not picking up my Xbox Elite controller while reWASD is open.

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  • PSNow is not picking up my Xbox Elite controller while reWASD is open.

    So I was playing Saints Row 4 and realized that you need to press the touchpad to open the map and such so I got reWASD to remap buttons. But when I have reWASD open and using my controller it doesnt register in the game but it is in the reWASD testing menu. Any thing that I'm missing in PSNow or reWASD that will detect it?

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    I would appreciate it if you can share a screenshot of a mapping itself, so I can understand what is the mapping that is being reproduced in-game.

    In some cases, touchpad press in game, is not being detected by the game, try adding touchpad Tap+Click to the combo and assign it to some button. Because some games do not realize the virtual touchpad is pressed until the tap is done. Making it tap+press should be a great fix.


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      I can't even get past the title screen. It says to press options which i have mapped to the start button.
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        Am I right, you are about Remote Play app, not PS Now? PS Now usually detects the gamepad as is, without necessity to press Options button. Or the game asks it?

        Would be grateful if you could send us the screenshot of what you see in that app, I've understood what you see in reWASD, thanks.


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          I am talking about PSNow, not remote play. The game I'm playing requires the touchpad to be pressed down and on an xbox controller there is no way to do that without reWASD. This is what I see when I start up the game. I cant get past this screen.
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            I have just checked the same game. As for it is pretty old one, it asks to click Start which is mapped to the Right part of the touchpad.
            You should create the following combo:

            Click image for larger version

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            and map it to the button you want.

            Also, please ensure that you start PS Now and the game after you turned Remap ON.


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              I got it fixed. It was either because I had both the controller and my keyboard set on or it fixed when I turned it on once in game.


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                We are glad that the issue has been solved.