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Grouping 2 Azeron Gamepads

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  • Grouping 2 Azeron Gamepads

    Hi there,

    I'm trying to get 2 azeron gamepads in one group working, but no success.

    Can you confirm that there will be a problem with 2 devices connected to the same usb-hub?

    One at a time will be detected but when connecting both one or both are always loos the initialization.

    Init both, one at a time -> close reWASD -> connect both -> reopen reWASD -> both show up, one with a group Icon -> group -> only the usb-hub is "groupable".

    Selecting each of the azeron gamepads will result in the other one loosing the initialization. After reinitializing one, the other will loose it init...and vice versa.

    Detecting will sometime recognize both gamepads, but no grouping possible.

    I managed to group both one time after a detection -> resulting in both gamepads not longer be selectable.

    Any Idee?



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    Is one of your Azeron keypads a Cyborg?

    In theory there shouldn't be any problems if hub works as an invisible relay. But if you can connect them to your PC directly, please try to.

    Try to disable initialization part by unchecking this option:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	769adde13c.png Views:	0 Size:	267.9 KB ID:	227498

    Once done, use the [Clear data] button at [General] tab and try to group them up again.

    If none of that helps, we'd like you to make a step by step video of what are you trying to do and what actually happens.


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      Yes, the left one is the new cyborg.

      Could manage to get both grouped, but I guess it does not make any sense to go on until you got the right firmware, doesn't it?

      Both gamepads are now switchable (Gamepad + Gamepad2).
      Both show different layouts (left and right)

      But both gamepads contribute to inputs on both layouts, looks like they are treated like one source.

      Guess I have to be a little more patient :-)


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        After some more testing - its working fine for now.

        Both gamepads contribute to input on each others layout, but they are also mapped correctly.
        Wired, but the layout of the cyborg is not yet implemented - so this is ok for now.

        Thank you!


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          Amazing news. We are glad it works now.

          We are waiting for a firmware from Azeron, an exclusive firmware for the developing purposes.

          It should not take long time for us to start supporting it.