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Delay when changing bindings, switching games

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  • Delay when changing bindings, switching games

    Hi all, I'm enjoying the flexibility of reWASD, but as the topic title says, I'm finding that it has a noticeable delay with the mapping software whenever I try to edit a binding or swap between game profiles. Is this a known issue? It's not the worst thing ever but it does make things feel kinda clunky.

    For sake of providing details, here are my specs and install information.
    ASROCK A520M/ac
    Ryzen 5 3600X
    AMD RX5600XT
    Installed on 1TB NVME m.2 SSD

    Let me know if there are any further details I can provide if further clarification is required.

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    Please describe more details. Which configs you are using? Which physical device (gamepad?) are you using? It would be great if you could record a video of the issue.


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      Huh, I went to record the issue this morning and I guess another reboot resolved the issue? Weird, but fair enough I suppose. Sorry about that!


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        If the problem reappears, please let us know.


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          Hello again, did some further testing while trying to figure out if there was a way to set up some sort of trackball like control options since a trackball mode isn't available at this time, and noticed that indeed, the issue still remains. Hopefully the gif I'm attaching will demonstrate the delay between when I click and when the configuration menus and such actually respond. It's not _terrible_, but it makes things feel a lot slower and kinda puts me off spending time making edits.

          And just to clarify what I was attempting to do, I find that I really don't jive very well with the Steam Controller's trackpads when they're emulating a traditional controller stick. I prefer the Mouse Joystick style of input, which I think is available with reWASD, but critically, reWASD doesn't offer a Trackball mode for it. I believe Trackball mode has been mentioned as being in the works previously, so I won't reiterate what you folks probably already know, I just wanted to explain what I meant in the first paragraph.


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            We are working on optimizing those "delays". UI of update 6.0 should be faster.

            No ETA for trackball feature yet. But we're hoping for somewhere near new year.


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              Fair enough! Overall I'm finding the software to be pretty good otherwise, my only other desire would be to see the inclusion of controller readings (Be able to see when the deadzone set allows the stick to start outputting, determine if there's any noticeable drift with the sticks), and the ability to save and configure previous devices when they've been disconnected.


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                >to see the inclusion of controller readings
                Already have this, if you are talking about virtual controller created by reWASD. Check [Preferences > Desktop Overlay > Virtual controller tester].
                For actual controllers you can check their output with [joy.cpl] tool or at [Gamepad Tester].

                >ability to save and configure previous devices when they've been disconnected
                Do you mean to be able to select a gamepad layout so you could make a config for a device you don't have (connected at the moment)?


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                  Ah, alright, I wasn't sure what that overlay bit was, since I couldn't seem to get it to trigger with the button combo. I'll have to look into it more.

                  And yes, essentially I'd like to be able to keep my input devices in the list and be able to modify them, since it seems like each kind of gamepad will have an individual mapping for a given game profile, and doesn't try to apply, for example, a Steam Controller mapping to a Dualsense mapping. Not having to have a given controller connected to see my mappings for it in the software would be a welcome addition.


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                    Thank you for the suggestion. Will check what is possible to do here, as we have already had some ideas about how to manage the configs when you do not have the gamepad for it.

                    By the way, which gamepads do you have and how do you use them (in a group or separately)? Just want to understand the use case better.


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                      Hi, my apologies for the delay in responding to this. I currently own a Steam Controller and a Dualshock 4. I also own a Dualsense, however it's being sent in for repairs due to stick drift issues. I'm the only one who uses them, and they're only ever used one at a time. I was going to make the case of being able to modify my bindings when my controller wasn't connected with Steam and with DS4Windows, but thinking on it more, I realize that's not actually the case at all. That said, I'd still like it as a feature, though if I had to rank the ones I've mentioned previously, I'd put trackball mode for the Steam Controller and the reWASD UI performance optimization ahead of editing disconnected controller bindings.


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                        I currently own a Steam Controller and a Dualshock 4. I also own a Dualsense, however it's being sent in for repairs due to stick drift issues.
                        Thank you, this case is pretty important. Then, the picture should be changeable in each sub-config. Got it

                        Other things are also important. No worries, we will do out best in the upcoming releases.


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                          Trackball mode was added for Steam controller in reWASD 6.2.1. Hope you will like our new version. You may get the latest build from the official site.