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Using MAIN activators on same button as SHIFT modifier / delayed SHIFT modifier

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  • Using MAIN activators on same button as SHIFT modifier / delayed SHIFT modifier

    Hey guys, my first post here.

    I've scoured the forums but couldn't find anything relating to this query

    I'd like to map my Xbox controller's Xbox button to control my Spotify.

    [Shift 0]
    (Xbox button)
    press activator: Play/Pause music
    hold activator: N/A
    double press activator: Open Spotify
    [Shift 1]
    (Xbox button)
    :Use as Shift modifier:
    (D-pad Up)
    press activator: Volume up
    (D-pad Down)
    press activator: Volume down

    Current behavior: When I try to adjust the volume by holding (Xbox button) + (D-pad Up), it pauses my music as well as adjusts the volume.
    Desired behavior: Ideally I'd like [Shift 1] to activate on a delayed hold so that reWASD is able to differentiate between when I'd like to use the press activator/double press activator and holding down [Shift 1]

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    Based on your post, I have a couple of suggestions:
    If you want to use these particular buttons (Xbox button + D-pads) for Play/Pause and volume control, and still avoid a mapping conflict, then I would recommend you to map the Play/Pause action to the Double press/Triple Press or Long press activator in [Shift 0].
    And at the same time, adjust Press Time settings for your chosen activator in the corresponding section of Preferences → Press Time. You can read more about this section of settings in this article.

    You can leave Shift 1 unchanged (Xbox button = shift-modifier, D-pad up = volume up, D-pad down = volume down)
    This way, your Xbox button related actions won't conflict.

    Let's say you have mapped Play/Pause to a Double Press on the Xbox button. Then if you hold down the Xbox + D-pad up/down you will change the volume but won't pause the track. And when you press the Xbox twice, the Pause/Play will be triggered.

    You wrote about the delay before activating the shift layer. There is currently no such option in reWASD because you can't link shift modifiers to activators (in this case, Long press)
    Nevertheless, it will be possible when we make it possible to switch between shift layers as a command.

    As for opening Spotify with the controller. There is also a solution in this case:
    You can use Shortcuts.
    This support article has a quick tutorial on how to open the app you want using a Shortcut.

    I hope these tips help you.


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      Thanks 1ncorrect. I ended up running your advised option for the media controls

      Looking forward to the upcoming feature though. I really love how much effort you put into reWASD, it's such an impressively powerful and still user friendly app. I wouldn't ever even consider any other remapping software!

      Unfortunately the app I'm trying to open is the Windows 10 version of Spotify and from what I've been able to gather, it's very difficult to allow any 3rd party applications open these


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        Thank you for your review of our app.