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  • Stop Toggle with another button


    I need to do the following: I have set a Toggle combo at the press of the left stick, press it one and the combo start and repeats until the press of the stick again and that works just fine but, sometimes I forget to turn it off and it causes conflicts when I want to start another combo with another button, is there a way to turn off any other toggles or break any combos before start a new one with a different button?

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    Hello there. It will not be an easy thing to do. We have a task on deactivating the combo with a custom mapping, and we are trying to implement that already.
    However, turning the toggle with a different button is a harder feature to do. Thus, it will require a bit of time to do so.

    Still, we appreciate the suggestion, please stay tuned for updates.


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      Hopefully you will find a way, thanks.