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Help appreciated with (hopefully?) simple gaming functionality

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  • Help appreciated with (hopefully?) simple gaming functionality

    Apologies for the basic nature of this request but I'm quite new to reWASD.

    I am trying to set up my Xbox elite controller to auto-sprint in Destiny. This means setting the left joystick to simulate being pressed when moved fully forward (I find pressing in and holding Xbox joysticks negatively affects my gaming and also really hurts my thumb after a while). I managed to do this.

    The issue is that sometimes when moving forward while aiming in the game it disrupts my aim down sights because it thinks I want to run.

    TLDR: I believe I could solve this if there was a way where full stick forward = press stick, UNLESS I am holding LT1 (which aims).

    It is this last part I'm not sure if I can do - can I change the behaviour so that once I'm holding LT1, the stick behaves normally (even if full pressed forward)?

    Thank you in advance.

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    Such functionality can be achieved with our software. To activate the sprint automatically once you reach the particular zone, please check the zones mappings in the advanced stick settings.

    Another thing you want to achieve can be completed by making another Shift Layer and assigning it to the LT button as a shift modifier.

    In the main shift layer, configure the zone mapping, in the Shift1 or any other Shift, make the stick being not active at all or just remove the mapping from the zone.


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      I followed your advice and have it working. Thank you!


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        We are glad our advice helped. Feel free to contact us back if any questions arise