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BUG report: Unnecessary duplicate controller profile

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  • BUG report: Unnecessary duplicate controller profile

    Don't know if this is a windows problem (win10-64/19043.1266(os build).
    REWASD is creating extra controller profile when trying to configure gamepad controller with keyboard, see attachment).Click image for larger version

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    Hello there!

    I just attempted completing the same steps, however, it is not clear enough whether you use physical controller and assign keyboard mappings to it or if you use keyboard+mouse and attempt to assign gamepad mappings to it.

    Please let us know the steps you do for the same issue to appear.

    I have applied the virtual controller config to the keyboard+mouse and vice versa, still, the same issue was not reproduced.

    Also, we will appreciate it if you can share us with a screenshot of the config or the config file itself.

    There is only one thing I can suggest straightaway:
    Please enter reWASD → Preferences → Gamepads → Make sure you have 'Hide physical controller when the virtual one is created' option enabled.
    But that suggestion will work only in case you use the gamepad as a device for remapping.

    Thank you in advance!