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Can I remap this specific back button attachment?

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  • Can I remap this specific back button attachment?

    Please follow the link below:

    Vanpark PS4 Controller Accessories Strike Pack F.P.S, Back Button Attachment Controller Adapter with Custom Mapping & 4 Paddles for Professional F.P.S Gaming. in Oman -

    I'm looking for a back button attachment for PS4 controller to use with REWASD. From my search into forum topic, Collective Minds Strike Pack should work with the app. But I can't easily buy one in my area.

    The one in the image is available for me to buy. But I don't know what brand it is and whether REWASD supports it.
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    reWASD does not support any gamepad attachments, except the ones that work as one of devices, available in the list of supported devices. Except the Xbox chatpad. It is supported and available for the remapping as a standard keyboard.

    In your case, the device shown might be detected in reWASD as DualShock controller.

    As per this, we cannot suggest any kind of device you can use with DualShock to remap it in reWASD.