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    I’m trying to play Valorant on my pc but everytime I’m done playing Valorant I’m not able to use my mouse anymore, no matter if I even turn off the remap software. My mouse doesn’t move or work but my keyboard only works.

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    Valorant works with only one keyboard and mouse input. In order for the game to see the input from the remapped stick, the mappings should be emulated on behalf of your physical devices. Right now, this behavior only affects the mouse, but you can choose both to be sure that everything works perfectly with this or upcoming game’s versions.

    So, to resolve the issue you need the following steps:
    - Ensure that you are using reWASD 5.7.1 version
    - Go to Preferences (gear icon at the bottom right) → Input Devices tab
    - Choose the physical devices you are currently playing with in the drop-down lists (1) and click Apply (2):
    - Apply your Valorant config (or choose one of those we have in our Community and play)


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      That helps with my mouse not working . Because that’s I need help with because the program works fine but when I’m done my mouse doesn’t work what so ever and I’m the latest update of the software.


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        Please send us the screenshot of the config you use. Also, another one for the group of devices.


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          Well do and is there a way we can do it live ?


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            We do not have calls or video chats, but you can feel free to provide us with all the information we need here, or in our Discord server, for the conversation to be the most efficient.