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reWASD and XBox XClound on PC

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  • reWASD and XBox XClound on PC

    ******** SOLVED *******

    Hi All,

    I read the FAQ, but I am unable to get reWASD to work to emulate my XBox One controller. I would like to use reWASD with XCloud on my PC. Is this possible?
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    Pretty all the functions and instructions can be found on the blog post we have. If this is the one you checked out already, then please let us know what exactly goes wrong.

    Does the emulation start at all? Does the controller work on a


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      I wasn't aware of, but tried that and the functionality seems to work there. However, I went back in to XCloud and it still doesn't work.


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        If you haven't checked Troubleshooting part of our article about xCloud, I suggest you to do it now.

        If none of suggestions there help, please provide us with screenshots of reWASD window with devices you wish to use selected and your config open, and two more screenshots of [joy.cpl] (type that into Windows Start menu) tool before and after the config is applied.


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          Ok, connecting to xCloud via Chrome solved it. I was connecting via the PC XBox app, which wouldn't work. If it is stated to not use the app, I missed it in the guide. Thanks for the help.