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Map gyro to controller?

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  • Map gyro to controller?

    is there a way to map gyro to controller?
    I used onexplayer to remote play ps5 with rewasd.all working great except that some games required to use gyro.and most games like uncharted 4 actually only need very simple movement like shake the controller up and down.

    as the onexplayer don't have gyro, it would be very helpful if I can like map the up and down movement to right analog (for example). But I couldn't find it.

    pls help
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    Currently reWASD is able to passthrough the gyro data to our virtual DS4 controller and to remap gyro input to something else.

    We are considering to add a feature of remapping "something else" to a virtual gyro in the future.

    Your request is noted. Thank you!


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      yes, please make it soon, as I saw on some threads, it seems this feature has been requested long ago and always still in considering state :'(

      I want to be able to use just the controller of onexplayer directly to remote play so I can play handheld.
      If I have to plug in a controller, I could just plug in a ds4 or ds5 without rewasd, and then all running perfectly, but then I couldnt play handheld mode.
      No need to be too perfect/complex.
      just simulate shaking the controller left/right, up/down would be very helpful to play most games.
      For more complex, a few other games only require the controller to be rotate like steering wheel.
      That's it I think.
      Very few games would need full gyro capabilities.
      I hope this could help speed up for u bringing the gyro capabilities to controller that dont have gyro.

      thx very much