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DualSense: Is there a way to map half of the touchpad only to mouse?

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  • DualSense: Is there a way to map half of the touchpad only to mouse?

    I want to try to emulate a touchpad mouse stick (like the steam controller), using the right thumb for the whole range of motion. I think this is possible with Steam Input, not I can't find a way to do it in REWASD, so just checking if it's possible or not. Thanks.

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    It is indeed possible to remap your touchpad as a mouse in reWASD, but it will be more like a laptop's touchpad.
    For that, please select your touchpad in reWASD, make sure to switch to the analog mode. Once done, you will see a possibility to map it to mouse.
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      Sorry but you didn't answer my question. I know you can map the TouchPad to a mouse. But I want to know if you can remap half of the TouchPad to the mouse, like you can on steam input, as I didn't find a way to do that.


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        I am sorry for understanding this not correctly, there is no way of doing so in reWASD, regretfully.


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          Hello flowerdealer !

          Could you please point me to the exact name of an option that lets you map a mouse to the half of the trackpad (or touchpad) in Steam?
          Frankly speaking, I am not familiar with this one.

          Would be interesting to see how it works, so we could consider adding it to reWASD.


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            It's called unified or split pad, you can see it in this video too:
            Would be nice to have a similar thing in rewasd, to have 2 zones reachable with thumbs.
            Click image for larger version

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              Got it, thank you for the details.

              Will definitely discuss it with a team