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Xbox Elite 2, unable to get rewasp to work in steam game

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  • Xbox Elite 2, unable to get rewasp to work in steam game

    I am new to ReWASD, just bought a Xbox Elite 2 and play PC steam game mostly. Running Win11.

    I am not able to get rewasp to work in steam game with configured slot. May be i have not done something correctly.

    Under Xbox accessories, all the buttons that can be unmapped have been unmapped.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	2v2aseTjLxB3vgi.png
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    Under steam, all controllers are unchecked.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	2v2aseTrCxB3vgi.png
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    reWASD page as below:-
    Click image for larger version

Name:	2v2aseTNhxB3vgi.png
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    The gamepad is connected through USB. In steam game, none, zero, of the buttons, sticks or pads is working, no response. When i just simply tried to map button A and B with keyboard A & B (as picture above), these 2 keys are working in game. When i press the profile button selector on the gamepad, it switched to empty slot, and reWASD prompted the gamepad is back to native behavior. Under this native behavior, everything is working fine.

    If reWASP is not working, then the A&B keys mapping won't take place. The game does support keyboard play, but it will be weird if I need to map keyboard keys on gamepad instead of using original gamepad buttons. What am i missing out, please assist.

    Thank you.

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    You should remap Paddles only. All the standard keys, XYAB, DPad, sticks should not be unmapped. Please make all the standard mappings except paddles, so only they are unmapped.

    In case this will not help, please try selecting another virtual gamepad (Xbox One or DualShock4). Once selected, please visit gamepad tester website to see if the virtual controller is working by moving sticks and pressing keys on your controller.
    If that works on a gamepad tester, there is absolutely no issues with the configuration of yours.

    Also, please let us know the version of the firmware for your Xbox Elite controller.


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      I have set default under xbox accessories and only unmapped paddle. Earlier i did so because reWASD informed to unmapped before 1st use, so i unmap everything possible.
      the gamepad tester works.

      Gampad tester website works for all buttons.
      Nier Automata refused to respond until virtual gamepad is set to DS4, so that is where the correct setting is.

      Not sure how to get the firmware version, can't see in xbox accessories.
      Click image for larger version

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        Sometimes games are unable to detect a controller connected mid-game and not all of them might be supported. For that reason it is recommended to apply a config before starting the game, and try different virtual controllers until you find a supported one.

        Firmware version is not needed anymore, as you've got it to work. But if you are interested, it is available in Xbox Accessories app here:

        Click image for larger version

Name:	Firmware.A.png
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        Click image for larger version

Name:	Firmware.B.png
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        If a firmware update is available, and it is 5.11.3118, do not update! This is a beta firmware and we are unable to work with it properly just yet.
        We also do not recommend to update to any 5.11 version for now, as there is a lot of negative feedback around it.


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          Hey there!

          A conflict between Steam and reWASD is quite possible. Try disabling controller support in Steam.


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            Only the unmapped paddle is set to default in the Xbox accessories menu. Earlier, I did this because reWASD had instructed me to unmap everything before the first use.
            Gamepad tester is functional.​


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              Hi zamp

              Please send us a screenshot of how your controller appears in reWASD and screenshots from Xbox accessories where we can see if your paddles are unmapped.