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Using Asus Chakram Core mouse joystick with reWASD

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    reWASD does not currently support mouse with built-in sticks. In this case, the stick will not be recognized. We cannot yet say if support for this kind of devices will appear, but if it does, we will definitely inform you.

    If you want to make custom joystick with Arduino, we recommend you to create just virtual Xbox 360 controller, and it will work with any games and reWASD out of the box.

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  • Using Asus Chakram Core mouse joystick with reWASD

    Howdy! This is my first post so by way of introduction:

    I can’t use my left hand due to a stroke and have spent the last 3.5 years desperately trying to find a way to play “two–handed” games on my Windows PC with one hand.

    I have an Asus Chakram Core mouse and bought reWASD to remap the WASD keys to the mouse’s teeny integrated joystick.

    You can see the joystick pretty well here

    Using Asus’s software I was able to get the joystick to show up as a valid controller in Windows — it’s recognized fine in “joy.cpl” and moves the crosshair as expected in the Testing panel.

    Unfortunately I can’t figure out how to get it to work with reWASD from there — I assume it has to be on the supported device list for reWASD to work?

    Is there any way to get around this?

    This is leading to more, similar questions as I hope to build a custom Arduino–based device that would most likely show up in Windows as an “Arduino Leonardo” gamepad.

    Thanks a lot,

    — Daryn