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Gyro keeps changing games inputs from controller to mouse keyboard

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  • Gyro keeps changing games inputs from controller to mouse keyboard

    I bought rewasd a couple of weeks ago and I'm starting to get to understand it. One of the main things I use it with is the gyro function and what I'm noticing is I've always use steam overlay and I've used the gyro in the steam overlay with my PS4 controller PS5 controller and Nacon Revolution.

    What's I'm finding with reWASD is when I'm playing games and use a complete controller layout and then I had gyro function it doesn't matter if I use mouse as a gyro or right thumb stick as gyro because reWASD it's treating the gyro as a mouse input in game it's keeps flicking from controller config to mouse and keyboard bindings on the screen and I'm having problems that I can't utilise some of the functions because the giro flicks the controls in game and then I'm trying to press A button or press the B button and it won't work because the giro is changing it over to the keyboard.

    I've got this problem with doom eternal when I can't use the map.

    Now. Of course what i can do create a shift/overlay and that switches off the giro when i enter map but even things where I'm in the game and it's changing the things in the game I've got to press something to pick something up and I can't so I've got to switch the gyro off pick the thing up switch to giro back on in the game the biggest issue I have is with (player unknown battleground) when I use that and I've got the giro on in my reWASD config I've got it all on controller settings plus the giro when I go to the inventory its switching over to the keyboard inventory and not the controller inventory and I can't do anything because my controller doesn't work anymore because it's switched to the keyboard mouse bindings .

    I didn't have this problem with the steam overlay and I still don't have it because they must do some trickery in their software what stops this from happening because when you tell it to use right thumb stick and not mouse as the giro in steam then you do not get the switching over of the keyboard and mouse and controller bindings it just stays as the controller bindings so when your playing PUBG even though you've got the giro on right thumbstick when you're open the inventory it stays at a controller bindings is there anything we can do to stop this input flicking while using the gyro function in reWASD?

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    You need to completely reassign keyboard controls to controller buttons. The game has problems with getting two types of input at once, that's why it happens there. Also use Unmap to mute native keyboard input.


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      i don't get it its the gyro that's causing the problem i cant reassign that its mouse or nothing I've tried it as right thumbstick and the game still think its a mouse input


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        there's a post here and it touchers on the problems I'm having .

        Hello, I really love reWASD and i purchased the full pack as soon as gyro support was added since, the only way of aim i use for FPS is gyroscope. I have a Steam controller, a Nacon Unlimited Revolution (i use it in PS4 mode) and a 8bitDO SN30 Pro+ (i use it in Switch mode). Release 5.5, i think is a nice step ahead with

        i guess i'll have to use steam input for my problem games .


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          Make sure that you have Gyro remapped to a right thumbstick (or not remapped at all) on every [Shift], and re-apply your config after you have made all required changes to it.

          Or you can upload your config here and we'll do a check for you.


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            just another question does windows mouse settings directly after my gyro ie mouse acceleration and also my mouse software DPI and any tips ?


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              Only mouse settings in Windows and in reWASD will affect cursor speed.