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Can this be used with emulators like CEMU?

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  • Can this be used with emulators like CEMU?

    Specifically the gyro is what I am interested in. Can this be used to enable a gyro control in CEMU? Normally it takes one or more programs to get it working and they are all free. Not very polished. If this would allow me to use gyro controls playing a emulated game on my PC that would be great.

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    We have an article that describes all the possible mappings that can be created for a physical gyroscope.

    Moreover, this article has all the information you need to know about working with a gyroscope.
    If the application you are interested in can work with this emulated input, then there should be no issues.
    Feel free to try anyway.

    If your question is about virtual gyroscope emulation, then unfortunately reWASD is not able to do this yet.
    However, an emulation of the virtual gyroscope is in development.

    Stay tuned for updates!


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      Hey there!

      Are you referring to the ability to send gyroscope to CEMU via UDP? If yes, then we are currently working on this option. It will be available via our virtual DS4 controller. Which physical one are you using by the way?


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        I am pleased to let you know that the ability to send gyro input to emulators was added to reWASD 6.0.0 release. Learn more about how to adjust it here and try