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    I've been trying to set up mine PS 5 controller with a reWASD config I've got nothing found at all to the controller there is no virtual controller and there is no keyboard but when I start battlefield and then turn on rewasd my game just goes bonkers my players starts moving by himself he starts looking at the sky and looking around it's like a third person is controlling my player in game I've got absolutely nothing bound to my controller in the config that once I start the config in reward things start to happen in the game alone I don't understand what I'm doing I'm also new to reWASD

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    We would appreciate it if you can share us with the screenshot of the config you use. Also, please enter the advanced stick settings and make another one, so we can better understand what is going on in order to assist you with that.
    Thank you in advance.


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      Is it possibly the anti cheat system in bf2042 picking up the reWASD and blocking it that's why I'm having the strange issues ?


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        Also how come I keep having to wait with my post to get then approved before there posted🤔


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          The issue you described looks like the constant input switch. It is caused because you described that you have keyboard+mouse mappings and gamepad mappings on the same device. Please make sure to have one input only on your device.
          Also, activate the unmaps feature for all the buttons in order to block the native input coming from your device.

          We are not sure if that is related to the anti-cheat since the game is not even launched yet, and we do not know the information upfront, moreover, we are not really the players of battlefield. But there are no such issues on previous Battlefield games.


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            Ok thanks for your quick reply I'll look some more and if I'm still stuck I'm upload my config file you to look at

            .bf 2042 had released yesterday if you pay for the ultimate version or have EA play Pro 👍


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              Also how come I keep having to wait with my post to get then approved before there posted🤔


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                All the messages are being reviewed by our staff, to avoid any possible spamming messages or phishing pages.


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                  ok I've tried every thing i know which isn't much at the moment bf 2042 seems to be broken when trying to any other controller than and xbox controller without steam overlay

                  things I've tried

                  xbox elite controller works prefect and all mouse keyboard works as well

                  reWASD real controller ps5 virtual controller Xbox one controller nothing works

                  reWASD real controller ps5 virtual controller Xbox 360 nothing works

                  reWASD real controller ps5 every button stick unmapped then mapped keyboard mouse can't even get pass the options screen of the game its like the game a mind of its own it just scrolls through settings and switchers things on off

                  No reWASD just ps5 controller plugged in usb start bf 2042 game is unresponsive no controller inputs and mouse/keyboard inputs going crazy unplug controller everything works again tried 2 ps5 controllers and one nacon revolution all do the same .

                  Steam added game as none steam game start big picture game starts but no overlay ps5 controller working

                  steam added origin as none steam game start big picture game starts WITH steam overlay ps5 controller added gyro as mouse joystick works but gyro bit erratic.

                  steam overlay used a ps5 controller config removed all thumbstick and triggers and buttons in config tried to add keyboard mapping game goes bonkers

                  BF 2042 is broken


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                    Have you tried to remap anything with Steam's controller support disabled? You can disable those in [Big Picture mode > Settings > Controller].

                    I suggest you to try and make a new config that simply remaps DualSense to Virtual Xbox One and see if game works properly with that. Just click on the [Magic Wand] button and select [Virtual Xbox One] in the menu. If that option is not available, enable [Hide physical controller...] option at [Preferences > Gamepads]. You might also want to select [Unmap], in case the game does support Dualsense controllers, so no double inputs would happen.

                    Once done make sure that you have only one controller listed in [joy.cpl]. If you have other controllers connected to PC - disconnect them. Don't forget to test if ramapping works by clicking [Properties] button and checking if UI reacts to you pressing controller buttons. You can do that at [Gamepad Tester] too.

                    After that you can start the game to see if our Virtual Xbox One would work there.

                    If you wish to remap Dualsense to keyboard and mouse, you can simply do so, though do not forget to enable [Unmap] flag for every mapping you set up, and make sure no stick drift is happening. If it does, check this video on how to deal with it.


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                      I have tried all your suggestions and nothing works . we will need to wait for a patch to address the issues to game is having with controllers on pc . there's also a bug which was present in the beta and still there in the release I'm playing where the in game character will just aim at the ground or up at the sky every few minutes .

                      Watch this space as the game releases this Friday and gamers hopping to use reWASD on bf2042 are going find it impossible with this current build of the game


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                        There is one more thing to try: remap the physical controller to the virtual one and then, leaving remap on, restart your PC. Please ensure that the Background agent starts automatically after the restart and Restore remap state on startup and device reconnect option is checked in Preferences -> Tray agent tab. This way the virtual controller appears before the game starts, and it may help it recognize the controller.


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                          The issue is once you plug in the PS5 controller in the USB lead to your computer and start battlefield 2042 the game just starts going bonkers on its own the menu starts opening and closing it's like as if it's registering the controller and all the buttons are being pressed and thumbstick being moved that without even having rewasd in the equation so there's just nothing you can do until it's patched


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                            I've got it working with Steam overlay for the time being and I'll let people far cleverer than me with reWASD try next week when the game releases and I'll just follow this forum I'm sure they'll post there endeavours here


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                              Sure, will be waiting for the updates from you.