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List of paddle-only combinations supported gamepads

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  • List of paddle-only combinations supported gamepads

    I understand that the paddles on the PowerA Fusion are not recognized as separate buttons and are therefore not supported by reWASD to be programed as button combinations. Other than the XBox Elite controller, what gamepads support programming the paddle buttons for combinations (I.E. I would like to click a paddle to execute a series of button clicks)?

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    Only paddles of Xbox Elite series controllers can be remapped with reWASD at the moment.

    We usually ask users to contact a controller manufacturer to urge them to contact us with intention to provide technical information about their controllers, so we would be able to provide proper support for any non-standard buttons.

    To remap a paddle to some combination you would need a [Key Combo] feature. [Advanced mapping] feature would also be needed if you want to use controller inputs within combo. If you are on a trial period, you would need to activate them manually. You will have 3 days of trial period for each feature before you will be required to purchase a license with these features included to continue using them.


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      reWASD also works with the back buttons of Steam controllers, but I am not sure if it could be a perfect substitute here.

      Just curious: are you looking at some particular model of the gamepad? And what about Xbox Elite 1 and 2? In addition to paddles, those devices are brilliant, so are there any reasons you do not want to use them?