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Advanced mapping trial doesn't work

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  • Advanced mapping trial doesn't work

    I have a config which requires advanced mapping feature, so I've enabled trial yesterday and everything was working. However when I'm trying to apply this config today I see message "Config is limited due to lack of Advanced Features.". And in Licenses in Advanced Mapping I can see "Trial period : 2 days left" so I beleive it should work. Can you help me with this issue?

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    Message should mention the features required for selected config. Usually those are [Advanced mapping] and [Rapid Fire] (used for [Turbo] and [Toggle]) features. You can either enable all features requested by the config, or ignore the message if [Advanced mapping] trial period is already activated.


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      Hey there! If you have doubts about this message, you could send us the config, and so we could see why exactly it is shown. Right-click on the name of the config you're using to open the contextual menu, and choose Open file location. Then send me the chosen *.rewasd file.


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        Here is an error:


        Info about license:

        And I'm using config from your website:
        Try out this config to use mouse and keyboard for xCloud games on PC. You can use it for any supported gamepad as well, so playing xCloud games with mouse and keyboard is easy-peasy!


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          Thank you for the provided information!

          This config uses two more features you may like or may not use for xCloud (they are optional and are added to make the gaming process a bit more convenient):

          1. Rapid Fire lets you "free" your mouse by tapping Left Win key once. In case you do not have this feature, you will need to press and hold Left Win in order to return your mouse and keyboard to the normal state.

          2. Two combos are added to the High Zone of your mouse. They make a fast turn when you make a flick with your physical mouse. If you do not have Combo feature activated, they are not working at the moment. So if you feel that your camera moves like you want as is, you just do not need this feature at the moment.

          I would like to suggest that you try all the features (all of them have trial mode), because this config was created by our team and it makes the whole process as convenient as we think it should be In case you do not like additional features, you could use the config I have attached: it is the same but doesn't include Rapid Fire and Combo and should not show the warning when you Apply it.

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            Thanks, now it is working (at least it was working yesterday when I had a trail of Advanced Mapping)


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              Originally Posted by hjuston View Post
              Thanks, now it is working (at least it was working yesterday when I had a trail of Advanced Mapping)
              We are always glad to help! Should you have any additional questions, reWASD team is here for you.