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    How do i map
    1) left trigger to zoom out (touchpad two finger slide together)
    2) right trigger to zoom in (touchpad two finger slide out)

    This did not work?

    Click image for larger version

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    Your setup seems to be correct. Where do you try to check it? Any particular game?

    Please note that 250 ms is a duration of the zooming event. You should try different timings for your case, because for some games may not be able to detect it.

    With Hold until release mode, your Zooming events will repeat while you press and hold the trigger, but the duration of the zoom itself is set by the value you see in the Combo Editor.


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      i am simply trying to get it to work in windows 10 for simple web browsing / text editing to zoom in and out.

      i ended up using the key combo ctl (down) - (down) - (up) ctl (up) to get the same effect

      would still like to get the touchpad combo to work


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        Hey there!

        Got it. In this case, you do not need to use Zoom In and Zoom Out options. Those mappings emulate zooming on the virtual DS4 controller which won't work on Desktop or in the web browser.

        Actually, your idea about Ctrl and Up/Down is the best option.


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          hi ok, so will use that for now.
          pity i cannot do something similar to how a touchpad on laptop works - since it zooms in and out smoothly using touchpad. ;-(


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            We do not have touchpad emulation at this point. In case something changes, I would be happy to let you know.


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              ok thank you i bought the basic license.
              now will purchase the additional add on to allow keyboard combos. thanks

              please let me know when you emulate the touchpad zoom please


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                Sure! Will keep you in touch.