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    I want to ask, if I'm create wirtual Gamepad and ma real controller will be mouse and keyboard it will be PC game know that's I'm use mouse? It's mean when I'm okay fps... For example COD and I'm touch mous aim assist is removed but when I'm use pad aim assist us back... So when I'm use virtual pad and use mouse it will be for Gama detectable that's mouse movement?

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    Hello! When you create a virtual gamepad from a keyboard and mouse, it is also advisable to mute the native input of these devices so that the game receives only commands from the virtual controller. To do this, Unmaps is used in such configs. It's important to apply it to every key you remap. An example can be seen in our standard PS4 Remote Play config.

    Thus, the game will only see what you are playing from the gamepad.

    You can see ready-made configs with a virtual gamepad for the game you need in our community.