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Where are these inputs coming from? (Macro Editor)

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  • Where are these inputs coming from? (Macro Editor)

    So I've been using the Macro Editor in Tekken 7 (I'm not playing online with them, I'm just trying not to kill my hands in treasure mode), so I have setup a few sectional macros to help me string together a full combo. However, for some reason when I use it, I get phantom/broken inputs, commonly as the game decides to randomly add the 'X' button to my combos.

    For example, I have this simple, two macro combo (links because I can't upload the images for some reason)

    The issue is, when I do that, I get a bunch of random inputs that break the combo?

    When I do them separately, they end up fine.

    What's going on here?

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    Hey there!

    Based on the fact that you indicated that the combos work out fine separately, we can say that everything works correctly from the side of reWASD.
    You can also test your custom combos on the gamepad tester.

    Most likely, there is the usual logic that if you press 2 combos in parallel, their inputs overlap and the combo breaks.

    I don't have a specific ready-made solution for this case, since I'm not a fighting game player, but maybe you should try to create a completely new, longer combo, which will combine the 2 combos that you wrote about.


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      Thanks. The gamepad tester seems to have none of these phantom inputs when trying it so I'm not sure if the controller is just not playing well on steam or not.

      I was trying to avoid having the full combo in one Macro/parse it out because I don't want it to particularly do the entire combo for me, just the inputs for the particularly commands that I struggle with due to Carpal Tunnel, so that isn't really a workable option. But thanks.


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        Perhaps this is happening in the game, due to the fact that native controller support is activated in the Steam settings.

        Try turning off Steam controller support so that only the reWASD input will work in the game.