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Unmapped mouse still going through.

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  • Unmapped mouse still going through.

    I'm having some trouble with reWASD not disabling my mouse while a profile is active.

    What I mean is. I can see the mappings are working correctly, the controller preview thing shows mouse to be moving thumbsticks and keyboard to be pressing buttons, but somehow mouse movement is going through as both mouse and thumbstick movement, constantly prompting the game to switch between M+KB input / Controller input.

    The game is Halo Infinite, and the devices are G502 Hero [mouse] and G413 Carbon [Keyboard].

    Is there anything I can do about this?

    I have the advanced mappings feature bought.

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    We would appreciate it if you can share us with the screenshot of your config. And another screenshot for the group of devices, please.


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      Click image for larger version

Name:	grouping.png
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ID:	228616
      Hi wookiepediologist ! This is the grouping, and the config is this , completely unmodified.
      I can probably figure out a way to record what's happening ingame.


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        What I meant by the screenshot of the group, is the extended screenshot of the group, it is accessible by pressing the '+' button next to the name of devices.

        If you do not mind, please send another screenshot.

        Thank you in advance!


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          Sorry about that here it is Click image for larger version

Name:	grouping.png
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ID:	228620


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            As per the config provided, I can see that the issue is related to the mouse movements being NOT unmapped.
            Please activate the unmaps feature for the mouse movements.
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              Thanks! I haven't used the software a lot and i dont remember having to toggle this feature. Seems to have worked, thank you very much wookiepediologist , I appreciate it


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                We are always glad to help.
                Have a good gaming experience!