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Kingdoms of Amalur - Strange Left stick behaviour

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  • Kingdoms of Amalur - Strange Left stick behaviour


    I am trying to play Kingdoms of Amalur Re-Reckoning with an Xbox Elite 2 controller. Having sprint, roll and my two attack buttons set to the back paddles is very comfortable.

    However whenever Remap is on I am unable to sprint while holding the stick in any diagonal direction.

    The game requires the stick to be fully pressed in a direction for sprint to work, and for Left, Right, Up and Down it works fine, but diagonal directions cause sprinting to become deactivated. You can see my character change between a sprint and a jog continuously if I try to sprint in a circle.

    If i turn REWASD off or don't remap anything the sprinting works fine. To me, this sounds like a deadzone issue in my REWASD settings, but I am unable to tweak the high, medium and low zones for my left stick in any way.

    I have done the following:

    -Force controller off through Steam big picture.
    -Affect gamepad behaviour for games is checked.
    -Lowered the low and medium zones so that the high zone takes up the majority of the x and y axis

    Nothing helps. No matter what changes I make to the zones it doesn't affect the left stick in any way during gameplay.

    Anyone have any idea why this would happen? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Hey there!

    Please send me the config you are using.
    Your configs are stored here: C:\Users\Public\Documents\reWASD\Profiles
    I need the correspondent *.rewasd file.

    Thank you in advance.


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      Hello. Thank you for the reply and I am sorry for my late response.
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        Hello! Config is fine.
        This issue appears in some rare games, and we are already working on how to fix it in future updates. There is no ETA yet, but we will definitely let you know when it happens.

        It happens because reWASD makes a perfect circle for the stick, and seems that some games rely on the values that come above this circle. At the moment, please stay tuned for the updates.


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          I see.

          Thank you for the information.


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            I'm happy to inform you that reWASD added Squared Sticks settings for virtual controllers. You can check how it works right now