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Need Help Mapping My Controller via laptop?

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  • Need Help Mapping My Controller via laptop?

    Hey I'm a console playing trying to use this reWASD for Valorant I mapped it perfectly and even spen time watching videos on it and even apply the setting before launching the game I'm able to move my WASD and some buttons work but they don't register all button even the mouse movement for the right stick I use both a ps4 controller and xbox 1 and uses multi controller thinking it was that but I see the controller working via riot games sign in but while in game the applied configuration just cuts by half I just want to learn how to move around completely thank you.

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    Valorant works with only one keyboard and mouse input. In order for the game to see the input from the remapped stick, the mappings should be emulated on behalf of your physical devices. Right now, this behavior only affects the mouse, but you can choose both to be sure that everything works perfectly with this or upcoming game’s versions.

    So, to resolve the issue, you need the following steps:
    - Go to Preferences (gear icon at the bottom right) → Input Devices tab
    - Choose the physical devices you are currently playing with in the drop-down lists (1) and click Apply (2):

    - Apply your Valorant config (or choose one of those we have in our Community and play)
    - You can also check Do not create Virtual Input Device for reWASD after you have chosen the physical devices. This will help avoid the issues with Valorant that may use the mouse exclusively and doesn't let it work in Windows


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      Thank you so much 💓 that simple thing help me thank you p.s. it took me a while with my high self to connect my Astros into my controller because the audio disappeared also p.s. I felt embarrassed.


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        Hey there!

        Glad to know that it helped!

        Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, we are happy to explain each and every thing to make your gaming experience better

        Not sure if I got you right — do you use Astro C40 controller? That's a good choice, and it is fully supported in reWASD (could be used as Xbox or DS4 controller, and the second option lets you remap its touchpad too).