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Support for "Unofficial" Controllers?

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  • Support for "Unofficial" Controllers?

    ReWASD looks like it's just the kind of program I've been looking for ever since support stopped for Pinnacle Game Profiler. I have some of the controllers it officially supports and many others for PC - joysticks, steering wheels, USB versions of classic console gamepads, and so on. Just curious about anyone's experience with the ones in this "other" category? Will it probably work? Only partially? Or is it real hit or miss if it's not supported by the big three consoles?

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    If those devices have an X-Input mode (would be detected as Xbox 360/One controller) or able to identify themselves as one of the controllers we already support, then there is a high chance we will be able to remap them.

    To support all abilities of a controller and to be able to show its layout properly, we would need to have that controller literally in our hands. In some cases we would also require technical help from controller manufacturer too.
    If for some reason it is impossible to acquire that certain controller, we might try to add support for it with connection logs (the "start/stop logs" with step #5 being "connect the controller in question and wait a few seconds"), though the chances of full support based on logs alone are low.

    Right now we are working on support for at least few wheel-type controllers we have our hands on. Not sure if we'll make it for the next big release, though.


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      Thanks Shion. If my PC views it as a generic controller where its drivers are plug-and-play, does that seem less likely to work with reWASD? (Not sure how that would even be displayed in the controller layout.)


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        Whatever is visible via [joy.cpl] would also be visible to reWASD. But controller will be remappable only if it identifies as one of those we already support.

        I suggest to try out our trial period and see for yourself if your controllers are supported, instead of guessing.

        Trial period provides 14-days for basic functions and will activate on a first run of reWASD. No purchase required until the period ends.


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          OK sounds good. Thanks again.