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Mouse no longer working when Remap is ON

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  • Mouse no longer working when Remap is ON

    Hi, I am currently using the reWASD application under a trial license to see if this is the right software to use with X Cloud Gaming.

    I have downloaded the profile available on reWASD website for such an application,

    Everytime, i turn ON Remap, the mouse completely stops working. I still have 3 days left on the Advanced features so i don't think this is the issue. I also have the exact same issue with the PS4 remote play profile.

    Any ideas on how to fix this ??

    Thanks in advance.

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    Once you apply a config with a virtual controller, your mouse and keyboard should be blocked, because otherwise you will get a double input in a game, and it is unplayable.
    You can switch between two inputs easily. If you are using our default PS4 Remote Play config or any other one that is based on it, you will just need to tap Left Windows keyboard key to get your mouse back and tap again to switch to the controller mode.

    There are a few other methods for this case, you can check them here.
    It may be a chance that something is not adjusted properly in your config at the moment, so please use Ctrl+Alt+Del hotkey on your physical keyboard for the emergence stop: the remap will be turned off, and you will be able to get your devices back and check the settings


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      Thank you for the answer.

      Is the Left Windows key serve the same purpose with the X Cloud gaming profile ? I asked because i notice that it switches to Shift 4 which has no controls mapped.

      Since my purpose is to use my kb & mouse instead of my controller with X Cloud gaming, would there a way to make it so that this combo is active by default ?



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        In theory, by default, your XCloud configuration should turn your keyboard and mouse into a virtual controller after applying the config.
        This is why your mouse is blocked. If you go to the game - when you move your physical mouse, the virtual right stick will work.

        Our PS4 Remote Play config and L Win button to switch between layers are just an example.
        Pressing L Win 1 time will return you to the native mouse and keyboard behavior, pressing L Win again will return you to the virtual controller control.
        L Win is the Shift-modifier button in our config.
        In your configuration for XCloud, this modifier may be another button.

        You can get acquainted with the work of Shift mode and shift modifiers in this article.