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  • reWASD + Halo Infinite

    Hey guys,

    i'm new to reWASD but i already love it. The profiles for Halo Infinite are great but there's one annoying problem. When i start a game with rewasd turned on, i get stuck in the loading screen or the map overview (where there is a little showcase of the map at the start). I also do appear in the game but look like i am afk. I cant actually see / play my character. So to fix this, i have to start reWASD once the squad intro is finished. Is there anything i am doing wrong?

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    Hi. We are not really into the Halo game, but we think the issue might be related only to the input selection in-game.
    From our side, there should be no issues in case after applying the config, virtual controller works at gamepad-tester.

    Still, make sure you are the owner of advanced mapping feature, or at least trial is turned on, devices are initialized normally (mouse has mouse icon, keyboard has keyboard's one) and enable remap before launching the game.

    You can also try using Xbox One as the main virtual controller type.


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      Thanks for the answer. Bought the whole package today so everything is unlocked for me. Its not a big deal to restart reWASD before every match. Now it worked to 2 rounds in a row when i launch reWASD before i start the game.


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        It should always work, not some period of time. As I mentioned, try visiting gamepad tester website as soon as you activate the config to see if it works.
        In case it works on a tester but not in a game, that is not the reWASD's issue, but the game's one.