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    Originally Posted by campcreekdude View Post automatically remaps to x360 minus the gyro...
    Are you sure this is not happening due to ds4windows, as that is exactly what it does.
    Please make sure ds4windows driver and app are removed from the system, then remap your DS4 to a virtual DS4 and have UDP server for emulators enabled at > Servers. Setup CEMU to get gyro data from the same server and port used in reWASD servers settings.

    If ds4windows is not involved, please provide a model name of your controller and a screenshot of [joy.cpl] tool when your controller is connected to PC with ds4windows and reWASD remapping completely disabled.


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      the sefitopher proffessional ps4 wired controller is pc compatible so when you plug it in with no additional software it acts as an xbox360 controller.
      It shows up as a xbox360 controller in rewasd. When I disable the xbox360 controller(and restart) it shows up as a DS4 controller. Because its both compatible. If you would have looked at my amazon link you could see that its compatible for pc. But Rewasd can't get the gyro to work when i disable the xbox360 controller to make it show up as a DS4 controller. Just rumble.

      I never used Rewasd to map to a x360 controller.

      The other controller I bought is not compatible with REwasd. But i found out i need bluetooth 4.1 to work with it in switch mode. Thats why its not discoverable on my bluetooth. I'll get gyro to work in cemu one way or another.


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        Do you want joy.cpl image when its x360 mode of ds4.


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          Take a screenshot with both modes.


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            Normally, each DS4 controller works with PC and console, just your model seems to have a build-in Xbox 360 controller. While it is active, there should not be any gyro as Xbox controllers don't have it. If the controller is detected as DS4, then it should have it — but at the moment, it is not clear what is going on with it — for example, the calibration wizard shows a kind of error.

            Could you please try this controller in Steam Big Picture? Can you map gyro to mouse, for example, and check whether you get it working?


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              In DS4 it doesn't show up as a connected controller when everything is left to default.
              In DS4 it shows up as a controller when i disable x360 gamepad in device manager and restart.
              I dont think gyro is working in steam. However, there is no error when I calibrate gyro in steam. Not sure how to map it to mouse. Is Gyro the 8 circley infinity icon on steam?
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                To remap gyro of DS4 as a mouse with Steam you need to:
                1. Open [Settings].
                2. Go to [Controller] section.
                3. Click on [Desktop configuration].button.
                4. Click on this area:

                  Click image for larger version  Name:	2022-01-27_1-03-57.png Views:	0 Size:	125.0 KB ID:	229870
                5. Set [Style of input] to [Mouse].
                6. Close the window or click on [Back] two times.
                Then, if gyro works, you should be able to move your mouse pointer with it right away.

                If it does not work, then we strongly suggest to disable all remappings in ds4windows and remove any 3rd party drivers you might have installed for DS4 (Vigem, hidguardian, etc.), as it is either their interference, or your controller not having a working gyro sensor.

                I also have to mention that controllers usually identify as ONE controller at the time and we are yet to see a controller that identifies as TWO at the same time. DS4 and its clones are mentioned to be supported on PC yet they still identify as [Wireless Controller] only.
                Xbox 360 most likely comes from ds4windows remapping so old games that do not support DS4 natively would also work with this controller.

                UDP server for gyro data is available in both reWASD (must remap to virtual DS4 and enable UDP in Virtual controller settings and in > Servers) and ds4windows and that should be used, as CEMU does not use DS4 gyro data directly from the controller and require cemuhook plugin to accept this data via UDP.

                Tested DS4 controller remapped by reWASD on BotW under CEMU (with cemuhook plugin) and gyro seems to be working just fine..


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                  Gyro on my controller does not work in Steam. So people should just stay away from this controller if they are looking for gyro support on pc. I wish I could test it on PS4.


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                    Got it, thank you for your confirmation. Seems yes, this device is not designed for gyro on PC