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  • Issue with re-activating


    I recently built a new PC, but ported my Windows 10 OS drive directly over. I noticed that when I go to open reWASD now it opens very sluggishly, starting by displaying "Preparing..." for 1 minute, then "Checking the license..." for another minute, then opens to the main screen but does not detect any devices (kb, mouse, controllers). When I check the license it does not seem to be active, when I paste in my serial number and press activate, the activate button goes grey and the program thinks for a minute and then says (unverified License) at the top corner of the screen and still not detecting any devices.

    I have checked that I can ping (seems to work fine), and I have checked my hosts file, but do not see anything related to I have also uninstalled MSI Afterburner (didn't see a blacklist option as described in the reWASD troubleshooting guide).

    Any suggestions on what to try next?

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    This looks like [reWASDEngine.exe] is crashing for some reason.

    I suggest doing a clean reinstall of reWASD:
    • backup your profiles/configs from [c:\Users\Public\Documents\reWASD\Profiles] folder;
    • uninstall reWASD with [Remove all] option;
    • restart PC;
    • install latest version of reWASD from our site;
    • restore your profiles/configs;
    • restart PC again.
    If the issue persists after a clean reinstall, we would need you to collect some logs for us. Follow the steps below:
    1. Download and install this build with extended logging (you do not need to uninstall the previous version, just launch this one and install):
    2. Exit reWASD from tray agent.
    3. Download and start this registry file to enable reWASD logging:
    4. Open reWASD again.
    5. Wait a bit while it tries to initialize the devices and your license info.
    6. Exit reWASD from the tray agent again.
    7. Open File Explorer, go to C:\Users\Public\Documents\reWASD\Logs folder, and send us its contents ('reWASD engine TextTrace' text file would be the most important).
    8. Download and start this registry file to stop reWASD from logging:


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      Thank you very much for the quick reply. Just to let you know, doing a fresh re-install removing all logs and profiles seems to have resolved my issue.

      I forgot to mention in my OP that prior to posting I did do a re-install but did not remove all files, that seems to have been the critical step I missed.

      Thanks again.


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        You're welcome!