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  • Inherent Analog Deflection

    So at some point in reWASD i made a config for fixed directional influence on my controller to mimic the combined "wasd" on my left analog's input directions. Eventually, I uninstalled reWASD, but about 2 months ago my controller started having issues. Strangely this issue actually "lessens" the more i use it. (roughly 30mins-1hr). It got so bad i actually repurchased reWASD to see if their were and profiles still in there so, I could try to undo it. Everything in the application was completely reset. I contacted the "Helper" in the reWASD discord and deleted any remaining traces of the software including the vigembus we found. The problem still persisted. I have never touched another controller modder software outside of reWASD. I've tried in vain to fix my controller for the last week. When I tested different USB ports, the problem persists the same. When I use different xbox one controllers, they watch have their own level of variances of this weird stuttering deflection.

    However, it came to my attention that one of my controllers I used before i switched to mouse, has remnants of a config on the right analog. This controller is barely affected by the weird left analog deflection. But, possesses its own deflection in the right analog which i made before the left analog config. I know its not mechanical since its occurring across multiple controllers. I've updated my GPU, CPU driver, controller driver (uninstalled-restarted computer), reset my bios, completely wiped/reset my windows, deleted most things in the files that i have access too and, checked for corrupted memory in my sticks (which passed). If anyone has any other ideas then, I would be glad to hear them and try them out.

    I dont know if i can post links in here but, if i can ill post whats visually been happening.

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    reWASD works with devices at the software level.
    The impact of our application on your devices at the mechanical level is excluded.

    Feel free to post links explaining what's going on, so we can take a look and see if it could be related to reWASD.
    But in case you completely cleaned the PC and reinstalled the Windows system, then there should not have been any traces of reWASD, as well as our driver.

    Also, please send us the file with system information. It doesn't include any personal data but shows active processes, installed apps and drivers. It will help us recreate the same conditions and reproduce the issue from our side.
    1. Type ‘msinfo’ in Windows search
    2. Press Enter to open System Information tool
    3. Go to File → Save
    4. Send me the *.nfo file you get


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      im not allowed to send that file here


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        Originally Posted by jaajaabinks4 View Post
        im not allowed to send that file here
        You can upload them to a file hosting service and provide a link.


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          Download Bartholomeow controller analog error.nfo for free from instantly, no signup required and no popup ads


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            Thanks for the provided file.

            I checked the system components of your PC and found no traces of our application. But the vigembus driver is still on your system.
            This means that such oddities cannot be caused by the influence of reWASD. Try completely uninstalling the vigembus components from your PC (weird that after a clean reinstallation of Windows, vigembus is still on your system).

            Also, if such cases are noticed when playing through Steam, try disabling Steam Xbox controller support in Big Picture mode.

            I don't have any other ideas, as it's almost obvious that this case is not related to reWASD.