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Right Stick/Triggers Not Working with FiveM

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  • Right Stick/Triggers Not Working with FiveM

    Remapping and everything works succesfully, have used my Xbox One controller several times, for some reason, if I leave it sitting for a bit, the right stick and left and right triggers stop working, The other key mappings still work, except for those which are essential for driving. I tried searching for a solution but the only one I found is Valorant specific, any help with this on FiveM?


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    The "if I leave it sitting for a bit" part suggests that power-saving functions might have kicked in.

    Please open [Device Manager] (type that into Windows Search), set [View] to [Devices by container], find your controller, then open every device inside and if they have [Power Management] tab disable [Allow to Turn off] option there.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	2022-02-08_23-06-47.png Views:	0 Size:	71.5 KB ID:	230162

    You might need to restart afterward for changes to take effect.


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      Hello, I have done this change that you suggested and still the same issue persists.

      If Remap is OFF, the controller works fine, if I turn Remap ON, the keybinds on the Dpad and XYBA buttons work, but the left and right stick dont and neither do the triggers.


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        Hey there!

        Could you please send the config you are using to check what exactly is mapped there? Pretty strange that some mappings stay active, but some not.

        Right-click on the name of the config you're using to open the contextual menu, and choose Open file location. Then send me the chosen *.rewasd file.


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          Thank you so much for the quick response, here is the Config I am using
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            Thank you and sorry for the delay

            Your config includes the virtual controller, but I don't think you need it here. I have removed it, and I hope you won't experience the same issue with the config I've attached below.
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              Thank you for the help, I gave it a test and seems to be working perfectly! Will try the rest of the day today and report back, I really appreciate the help!


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                Good news! You are welcome


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                  Thank you so much for the help, happy to report that removing the virtual controller completely fixed it, everything is working perfectly, thank you!


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                    I'm having this same issue. How do you turn off virtual controller?


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                      To turn virtual controller off, do one of the following:
                      • Use only [Native Mappings] in your config (requires Advanced Mapping feature);
                      • Disable the virtual controller via the [Magic Wand] menu on the [Gamepad] sub-config;
                      • Or select your physical controller as an output device in the [Magic Wand] menu.