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rewasd conflict with bluetooth

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  • rewasd conflict with bluetooth

    whenever i turn on rewasd all my connected bluetooth devices are disconneted, and after that bluetooth driver is turn off and dissapear from device manager.
    my laptop : asus tuf a15
    windows version 10 (tested with 21h2 and 21h1)
    here is my bluetooth driver "Realtek Bluetooth Adapter"
    i tested with both internal bluetooth from this laptop and orico bta 508 it give the same result
    now i uninstalled rewasd and the problem has gone.
    rewasd version: 610-5615
    the problem is only happened in the past 2 week so i suspect only the new version conflict with my bluetooth, i will try the older version and tell about it later

    update: after reinstall with older version 5.4 and 5.5.1 link:
    i dont see any error, bluetooth works flawlessly. Thanks
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    Understood. We shall wait for the result with an older version.


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      Hey there!

      Thank you for checking the previous versions for us! Still, would be great if you could also check reWASD 6.0.0 or 6.0.1 — then we could be sure that the issue is connected with the most recent changes. Also, the most important thing, we will need to collect some logs with the new version.

      Please follow the steps from Boot logs section here. There is another method: you can also collect Service / Driver logs following the steps from here, but you will need to unplug your Bluetooth adapter before you start the log and reconnect it just after logging is started. If we are talking about your Internal adapter, you may need to Disable and then Enable it from Device Manager.

      Let me know if you have any questions regarding the steps above. We do need to collect this log, as for we can't reproduce the issue from our side. Thank you for understanding!