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gyro quite insensitive

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  • gyro quite insensitive

    i'm looking for an alternative to Steam Controller Config,
    but the gyro in rewasd seems quite frustrating.
    when i move my controller 45 degree between Left & Down, it always only detects as Left. (same issue in Right).
    i've also tried importing other config but its still the same.

    i've tried both Yaw & Roll but same issue remains.

    i don't mind to buy the full version to support if it works.

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    Pretty strange behavior, not sure why it may happen. I have a few tips and questions though:

    1. Which controller do you use? How do you connect it?
    2. Once the controller is connected, please leave it on the desk for a few seconds — it will help calibrate it natively.
    3. What is mapped to your gyro — mouse or a virtual stick? Do you use Gyro or Tilt mode?
    4. I am not sure what exactly is meant by "45 degree between Left & Down" — maybe you could show the video of how you rotate the controller on axes?


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      thank you for your reply.
      i use both Nacon PS4 Revolution Unlimited Pro Controller & Nintendo Switch Pro controller.
      i tried both mouse & virtual stick.
      i think i chose Gyro, tried both Yaw & Roll, the bug remains regardless.

      i'm pretty sure my controllers are fine, steam config & ds4windows work fine.
      its mostly used for aiming to shoot (bow/ gun).

      this is what i meant by 45 degreee between Left & Down, it always only detects as Left.
      Click image for larger version

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        Hey! We checked and we couldn't reproduce it. Please clarify, have you completed the second point from the recommendations above?

        Try also to perform manual calibration of the gyroscope.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	calibrate_gyro_1.png
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        Then unclick Auto-calibration, and press Next. Place your gamepad steady in any position, the most important thing is not to rotate or move the controller while reWASD is calibrating it. Click Next when ready to calibrate.